Groundbreaking technology to create life-like characters inside your applications.

Didimo API Features

Ever wanted to automatically create 3D avatars that looks like you, your friends or your users? And automatically port them into your favourite 3D engine for downstream App integration? Our newly released API makes this possible. Need to populate 3D worlds with different characters? Want to allow your users to personalize those 3D characters? It is now possible to embed your users into a 3D world, as fully rigged 3D characters ready for animation. We’re excited to release this service to the developer community and see all the creative use-cases you can come up with. You will have access to the output files in glTF, FBX, Json and have full control over the data, mesh, rig and animations.

Effortless Include ‘3D Characters = Didimos’ in your Applications

  • Embeddable library; fully-automatic in-app didimo generation.
  • Full process integrated - provide a frontal photo or 3D scan (for HD results) and the library does the rest.
  • Clean output mesh with known vertex and UV topology, rigged and ready for animation.
  • Customizable template mesh & rig - replace ours with your own.
  • Let your users create and share Didimos on the fly in your applications and on social media.

Didimo Integrated for Unity, Lumberyard, WebGL, and more.

The Didimo API is compatible with all the major 3D engines and web platforms. In addition to available plugins and sample code, our team can help you integrate the Didimo API into any platform - and in seconds start using realistic 3D avatars in your AR world or virtual environments.